Happy Pride Month

What are we celebrating?

Resourceful Bees is a Minecraft mod centered around bee customization. That is to say, bees can be designed however a player or pack developer chooses and, this customization and freedom of choice has been at the very core of its design philosophy since its inception. By its very nature it embodies what Pride Month is all about: to give everyone a voice regardless of your sexual orientation, who you are, or where you come from.

We want people from all ages and all walks of life to be able to enjoy what we’ve created and, more so, what they’ve created using our mod. That’s why we’re extremely passionate about the work we put into its development. It’s why we’ve put so much effort into rewriting it from the ground up. It is why we’re extremely excited to share with everyone something we’ve been planning for many, many months: For the month of June everyone will have the ability to opt-in to selecting a cosmetic Pride Bee they can proudly display in-game. These cosmetic bees are typically reserved for our patrons, but from time to time we will give one to every player for a special occasions or events.

How do I select a cosmetic Pride Bee?

Thanks to Gravy we have a custom 1.18.2 vanilla server where players can select which Pride Bee they wish to display. The server address is petbees.resourcefulbees.com. When you join the server use the /cosmetic command to select which bee you’d like. If you would like to remove your bee selection after you’ve selected one you can do /removecosmetic to remove it.

Note: Cosmetics are cached for a minute at a time so it will take 1 minute for it to show up in-game, also you need to restart your game to see the bee flying around you after you’ve either removed or changed your selection.

What Pride Bees are available to choose from?

You can see the selection to choose from when you add the server to your server list. There will be a Hover Me! text next to the connection icon before you connect to the server that when hovered on will give you all the basic information needed including the selection of bees. They use the vanilla bee model and are styled in the appropriate color scheme.

When is the next major mod release gonna happen?

Unfortunately, each of us have had some life events that have taken up much of the free time we’ve previously been able to devote. Rest assured, however, it is still very much alive and being worked on and our goal is to release for 1.19 with the possibility of a port for 1.18.2 as well, since that’s where our development branch is currently at.